Board of Directors

The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors who broadly represent the Schuylkill County community:

  • Marie Beauchamp
  • Richard L. Berger
  • James C. Bohorad, Esq.
  • Carl D. Edling
  • Debbie Yuengling Ferhat
  • Gary R. Glessner
  • Charles Heizenroth III
  • M. Irvil Kear, D.A.
  • G. Fred Schilling
  • Ann F. Snyder
  • Mark Snyder
  • Frank J. Staudenmeier
  • Keith J. Strouse, Esq.
  • Louis David Truskowsky
  • J. Robert Zane, Esq.
  • Joann Zogby, Ed. D.